Home is Where The School is

This blog has been going on since April 2020 as the pandemic was at its peak.  It started by looking at sharing information in its various forms for casual reading. Opinions. Ideas and random thoughts.  Over these past 7 months, we have been blogging as and when a new idea comes up.  Some of these ideas have resulted in actual programmes that IACAPAP has taken up. Others form a possible scaffolding of future ideas and concrete plans.  Today, we hope to share the thoughts of Ms Sherlyn Seah, an administrator at the Institute of Mental Health as she discovers her reactions to home schooling…

“I was intrigued by my friend who is educating her children, aged 3 and 5, in a way different from the Singapore education system. That is, home schooling! When I asked her why she chose to home school her children, her replies were: “During Circuit Breaker (Singapore’s version of the lockdown), the kids were doing home based learning. I realised that education that is tailored to the child’s interest works better and so we decided to try it out for this year. So far, so good, so we will be continuing.”

She plans “classes” for her children according to the theme of the week. The theme she had chosen for one of days last month was “Kindness”. One of the activties which they had done as a family was to deliver food to the needy. I was truly amazed that her children were willing to participate in this activity. By involving children in volunteering, it teaches them what is meant by compassion and to love those around us with a big heart.

Another activity which amazed me was to involve her children in baking for charity, a social enterprise called Willing Hearts! My friend and her husband agreed with the good work Willing Hearts have been doing and felt that they were a very well run charity. They have been volunteering with Willing Hearts already, and therefore a natural choice for them to help raise funds for. The children were involved in baking muffins, cookies, brownies and even making their own honey in preparation for the bake sale. It is not easy to involve children at such a young age in baking as their attention span is quite short and baking requires focus and patience. Well, I am sure they will grow up being interested in baking as much as I do!

Dr Daniel Fung

Published by IACAPAP

The International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions’ (IACAPAP) mission is to advocate for the promotion of the mental health and development of children and adolescents through policy, practice and research.

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