IACAPAP Blog – 20 Jul 2020

Today is the day that we originally planned to hold the 24th World Congress in Singapore and our President, the first female president in our history to open the congress. This was disrupted by the COVID 19 pandemic and we are now having a webinar on COVID 19 instead.  Although our lives and plans were disrupted, we are also beginning to see a new way of doing things which would not have been possible without the pandemic.  Having virtual meetings and meeting patients in new settings or wearing barriers has changed the social connections that we are used to.  We can be the optimist who says that we will return to normal soon, be the pessimist who says that the pandemic will never leave us, or the alarmist who avoids social contact altogether or the scoffers who ignore the warnings and continue to reject infection control measures.  It is better to be the realist and accept the new situation and make the best of it.  I am a realist and IACAPAP is a realistic organisation.  Our goals will remain to improve the mental health of the children and young persons of the world. Pandemic or not.  We are launching an IACAPAP Blog and will announce today at the COVID 19 webinar our plans as a realistic organisation.

IACAPAP 2020 Singapore Webinar

Dr Daniel Fung

Published by IACAPAP

The International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions’ (IACAPAP) mission is to advocate for the promotion of the mental health and development of children and adolescents through policy, practice and research.

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