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IACAPAP Blog – 27 Jul 2020

Many of you may not know that IACAPAP is an 80-year-old association that runs on pure volunteer power until a year ago when we decided to employ some professional help.  Our association has been relying on the Presidents and their resources as senior members of the child mental health fraternity.  Sometimes we would outsource servicesContinue reading “IACAPAP Blog – 27 Jul 2020”

IACAPAP Blog – 20 Jul 2020

Today is the day that we originally planned to hold the 24th World Congress in Singapore and our President, the first female president in our history to open the congress. This was disrupted by the COVID 19 pandemic and we are now having a webinar on COVID 19 instead.  Although our lives and plans wereContinue reading “IACAPAP Blog – 20 Jul 2020”

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